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About Aqualight

Aqualight was the first baby swim school in Northampton founded in 2002 by Emmaline Kitson BSc who subsequently has gone on to become an international tutor and speaker of baby swimming.

At Aqualight we have developed a comprehensive baby swim program incorporating the latest techniques from around the world. Aqua Yoga was added to incorporate pregnant mums and helping them understand the buoyancy of the water before baby is born. Baby Yoga was a natural progression to the business, it is very versatile so babies can experience the benefits of dynamic movement, enhancing their development, wherever they are.putting this back into the water we teach Aqua sensory too. As Aqualight grew in age so did our swimmers. We have also developed Toddler, Preschool and Junior classes, and most recently the Squad for our older competitive swimmers.


We believe every child has the right to develop to their potential and we facilitate that development in or out of the water.All our courses are tailored specifically to your child’s developmental stage. No two courses are the same as your baby is an individual. Read more…


Our program is based on a series of movements and ‘free’ holds carefully designed in conjunction with the latest scientific findings in all areas of child development. We teach the techniques that help stimulate your baby’s natural reflexes, turning them into conscious movements. Read more…


A ‘reflex’ is an involuntary action that your body carries out in response to an external event, without you even having to think about it. Your baby is born with a number of natural reflexes which we develop and reinforce during our swimming courses to help them learn to swim.


Our lessons allow your baby to discover their own buoyancy and balance in the water. We use your body, rather than floats or arm bands, to help support them in the water therefore allowing them the time to develop their swimming techniques naturally. Read more…