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Aqualight – Cookie Statement


Cookies are small pieces of data, usually in text files, that are placed on your computer to record information about you and your activity on our website. There are 4 types of cookies:
  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: Without these cookies our website would not be able to function properly. Most strictly necessary cookies are session cookies and are deleted once your leave our website.
  • Performance Cookies: Performance cookies are generally used for analytics and statistics gathering. They collect information about how you use our website, such as pages visited, visit durations etc.
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies are designed to enhance your personal experience on our website by remembering choices you have made.
  • Targeting/Advertising Cookies: These cookies deliver adverts targeted to you and your interests. They may also control the number of times you see a particular advertisement and also measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.
Within these 4 categories above, cookies are also subdivided into:
  • Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies used for the duration f your visit to our website. Once you close the browser these cookies automatically stop. Session cookies are used to improve the user experience whilst visiting our site and prevent you having to re-enter information.
  • Persistent Cookies: These are stored on your device after you have visited our website. These cookies remember information for your next visit to our website.
And also into
  • 1st Party Cookies: Placed on your computers by our software.
  •  3rd Party Cookies: Placed on your computers by other software.
Most, but not all, 3rd party cookies rely on the user having an active login or account with the third party service.


The following cookies are used on this website:

Session Cookies – Strictly Necessary

  • PHPSESSID – we use this cookie to confirm that we have received your submission on any of our forms.
  • MCManagerHistoryCookie_im and MCManager_im_lastPath – These cookies are used by the file and image manager to improve page load times.
  • _pc_session_id and c_rt_ppr are used in our online shop to remember your preferences including your basket contents whilst you are on the shop. The cookies are deleted when you leave our website.
  • DYNSERV is used on our sliders to manage server requests to improve page response times.

Persistant Cookies – Performance

  • cookie_notice_closed – this prevents you needing to close and hide the cookie notice on every page and every time you visit the website.

Third Party Cookies

There are additionally a number of third party cookies used on our website:
  • Javascript controls many of the website functions. Javascript adds strictly necessary session cookies to your computer. These cookies do not contain personal data and are necessary for the website to function correctly.
  •  Google Analytics is used to track our website visitors’ activity. We have anonymized the IP address gathered by Google Analytics and so no personal data is collected. Google Analytics privacy policy can be found here.
  • Google Maps adds a number of persistent and session cookies, including advertising cookies. These cookies are controlled through your own personal Google account and can be managed here.
  • We have a Facebook video on our website. Facebook requires you to have a facebook account in order to place cookies onto your computer, and in setting up a facebook account, you will already have agreed to their privacy terms here.
  • Our website has a two-way portal to our swim school back office powered by Jack Rabbit. Jack Rabbit uses strictly necessary session cookies only.