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The Aqualight Methodology

Free Holding

Our program is based on a series of movements and ‘free’ holds carefully designed in conjunction with the latest scientific findings in all areas of child development. We teach the techniques that help stimulate your baby’s natural reflexes, turning them into conscious movements; our babies have a comprehensive knowledge of how their bodies move and work both in and out of the water because they are held freely.

Stimulating Reflexes

We have developed these techniques in conjunction with the STA & Birthlgiht. Emmaline Kitson is a Moderating tutor within the STA, helping to ensure all STA baby & pre School tutors are training their teachers to a high standards. Emmaline was a senior tutor within Birthlgiht, an educational charity, founded by Françoise Freedman and has enjoyed 10 years of partnership. Birthlight have developed simple practices inspired by yoga and the parenting style of Amazonian forest people to reach an increasing number of parents, midwives, teachers and careers. The application of adapted exercises and relaxation in the water has proved most beneficial to pregnancy, birth and the first crucial years of child development.
Nade’s strength and stamina developed with each week that passed and they were both gaining confidence in and out of the water. Zara, Mum of Nade

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