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Aqualight Founder – Emmaline Kitson

Emie Teaches:


First and foremost, I am a mum; I have three children: Bradley who was swimming independently by 15 months; Lucas who got his 5m badge at the age of 2 ½ years; and Zane who was born in water at home and had a beautiful backstroke by 4 years old; we all have lots of fun swimming together.

Having always loved the water, I swam early and was teaching little ones to swim whilst working as an au pair in France in the late 90s, After my first son was born in 2000, I had post–natal depression. Swimming with Bradley helped me to overcome it. I began Birthlight swimming classes in Cambridge, where we had real one-to-one time. Swimming together, I fell in love with my son, and this was my turning point. My focus is on facilitating the parent and baby bond and growing their mutual trust. I also love working with babies and helping them and their parent understand how their little bodies move in the water. I wanted to raise Bradley in Northampton so moved back, and I founded Aqualight in 2002. It was the first baby swim school in Northamptonshire and only one of a handful  in the country. Tutoring was a natural progression for me as I can help to share the wonders of water to parents and babies all over the world through training others to be teachers. I love expanding my knowledge about babies and water. I’ve undertaken many courses and produced research with Northampton University about babies in water and their physical, emotional and social development. My most recent formal qualification was as a Watsu practitioner in 2012. Watsu perfectly complements holding babies in the water and the importance of touch. I cannot imagine ever stopping teaching, it’s a bit like being a mum to thousands of children and I love it.


  • International Infant Aquatics Tutor
  • STA Baby & Pre School Tutor & Exmainer
  • National Pool Lifeguard Qualification
  • ASA Full Teachers.
  • Baby Yoga Diploma
  • Aqua Yoga Diploma
  • Watsu Practitioner
  • 1995 –  Teaching Babies to swim in France
  • 2002  – STA & Birthlight Teacher
  • 2003 –  Aqua Yoga Teacher
  • 2003 –  SAT & Birthlight Tutor (teacher trainer)
  • 2004  – Baby Yoga Teacher
  • 2005  – Representative of Birthlight in Sweden
  • 2007 – UK Speaker of Birthlight technique, in New Zealand,at World Aquatic Baby Congress
  • 2008  – UK Speaker on toddler safety, in Greece Baby Swim Conference
  • 2010 – Representative of the UK in Brighton at World Aquatic Baby Congress
  • 2011 – Moderating Tutor for the STA
  • 2011 – Northampton University Research.
  • 2012  – Watsu Practitioner
  • 2013-2014 – Continuous professional development
  • 2014-2020 China & Taiwan Teacher Training.
  • 2022 – Aquasoma professional

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