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Techniques Used at Aqualight

Our lessons allow your baby to discover their own buoyancy and balance in the water. We use your body, rather than floats or arm bands, to help support them in the water therefore allowing them the time to develop their swimming techniques naturally. By placing your baby on their front or back they can feel every muscle movement made when you swim and they will copy those movements. The Aqualight program emphasises the fact that your baby is free in the water and working at their own pace. This approach allows them to develop their confidence in the water before they have a chance to develop any fear of it coupled with our relaxed and non-competitive environment, where we observe the needs of your child to help them develop to their full potential.


Floating is the main constituent of the lessons for our younger babies as it relaxes you and your baby into the new environment. Closeness with your baby is essential for emotional intelligence and early brain development.

Going Under

As part of our program we will encourage you to fully immerse baby (as children under 3 years old rarely swim with their head above the water), but there is no pressure and the choice is yours each and every time. We are confident that having taught you, as parents, how to read your baby’s cues and understand what they are saying to you that after a while you will be happily exchanging babies under the water, allowing your child to have a few seconds where they are free to develop their swimming movements independently. Immersing your baby is perfectly safe when it is carried out with confidence and respect.
The sessions have a wide variety of activities to develop her water skills and confidence, she has been able to progress at her own pace and most importantly they are great fun for her and us. Jo, Mum of Holly

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