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Aqualight Locations

All our pools are carefully chosen for you to ensure you have an amazing time swimming with your baby. The pool temperature must be warm for your baby as it helps them to relax in the water. This is because babies under 6 months of age cannot fully regulate their body temperature and will get cold very quickly in a cool pool. For very young babies it is not advisable to have them in water lower than bath temperature.

The best pool for little babies is a Hydrotherapy pool. We swim at The Beehive and Fairfields Schools where the water is 35°C, perfect for your tiny baby.

Click on the locations on the map or the links below for directions to and more information about each of our locations.

Baby Swim


Pre School

Junior Swimming

Squad Swimming

Private 1:1 Classes

Baby Yoga (by appointment)

Barry Road Pool

Covington St, Northampton NN1 5JU

Map and Information

The Beehive

Harborough Road, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, NN2 8LR

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Fairfields Hydropool

35°c Hydrotherapy Pool Trinity Avenue, Northampton, NN2 6JN

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Headlands Primary

Bushlands Road, Northampton, NN3 2NS

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Maple Tree Clinic

Private appointments only 1 Overslade Close, East Hunsbury, NN4 0RZ

Map and Information

NSG, Spinney Hill

Spinney Hill, Northampton, NN3 6DG

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The Willison Sports Centre, The Elizabeth Woodville School, Roade, Northampton NN7 2LP

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Weston Favell Academy

Booth Lane South, Weston Favell, Northampton, NN3 3EZ

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