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Teacher Training

Teacher Training Classes

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All classes run from week commencing Sat 18/11/23 up to and including week ending Fri 09/02/24

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Baby & Pre-School Award; Northampton UK 2023/24 courses, September, October December,

2024 – March, April, June, October, December .

Baby & Pre School CPD;   2023 Baby’s swim back to basics,  ‘teaching’ tiny babies, ‘teaching’ toddlers, submersion/immersion

Safety Award for teachers: Northampton, October 2023

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Our approach is well known both in the UK and internationally. Our swimming tutors have an extensive knowledge of baby swimming and have been chosen to represent Birthlight and the UK at the World Aquatic Baby Congress as far afield as New Zealand and more recently we have been to train teahcers in China & Taiwan. More recently our lead tutor Emie Kitson represended Aqua Sensory in Australia at the Austswim conference

Emie also writes training programs for swim schools across the country. For CPD days or training programs contact us.

Unlike other teacher training courses, our courses will enable you to teach all over the UK and in many parts of Europe and the rest of the world. STA is a recognised qualification which carries it’s own insurance.

Emmaline has trained teachers throughout the UK and the World. See below for examples of a few of the companies who have trained under Emie’s guidence.

  • Active Baby Company
  • Aquababies, examiner
  • Aqua Angles
  • Baby Swimmers
  • Baby Squids
  • Duckling Dives
  • Jenny’s Dolphins
  • Kerno Hydro
  • Infant Aquatics
  • Little Turtle Swim Co
  • Little Splashers
  • Orca
  • Puddle Ducks
  • Rubber Duckies
  • Swim Academy for Babies
  • Star Swim Academy
  • Swimming Tales
  • Tiny swimmers
  • Water Babies  (examiner).
  • Water Lilies Swim School
  • Water Tales

I knew the course would be very hard work, I was not prepared for the magic! I just wanted to say that I have never been on such an intense, yet sensitive and emotional course, and I am still reeling from it. Our group was lovely and we all bonded well, and Amanda and Emie were incredible, a real inspiration to us all. They are two extremely special people who I am so lucky to have met. They made me think about everything from a totally different angle, and in just three days, have changed my life and the people around me for the better.

Sarah, Course Student (Cornwall, UK)

Our teacher training course incorporates the most up to date techniques in relation to child development research.

We help you learn how to teach parents to harmonize with their babies, to bond and find a freedom in the water, making positive attachments while learning to swim together.

You will also gain all the necessary theory that supports the practices. You will gain an STA Baby & Preschool Certificate and Insurance as Emmaline Kitson is a moderating tutor for the STA.

Weekend Workshops & CPD courses

Keeping up to date with the baby swimming world. We teach courses in submersion, swimming together, toddler swimming, baby development, class dynamics, marketing, and any other workshop you can think of.

Also helping you to teach parents to recognise and react to their babies cues, when their babies body is in the right alignment to be able to connect with their bodies and feel free to explore the watery environment, we teach propulsive exercises, turning reflex movements into conscious movement, practicing safety routines that may someday save their child’s life. Also you will gain all the necessary theory that supports the practices.

We use real babies, have up to date techniques that are totally child lead, such as lesson planning, child development, recognizing reflexes in the water and health and safety. You will added assurance of continual support and feedback on your progress.