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Water Workshops


Promoting Positive, Healthy and Secure Attachments

Sunday afternoons, ask for dates of next avalible session. Places limited to 6 per session. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Using the water to aid connection with your babies and children.

To access this workshop for FREE, you will need to download our workshop leaflet and ask your health visitor to complete the section on the back page to provide Aqualight with the information. Alternatively, you can book your own workshop via here at the normal fee of £16.00.

The Workshop

A dedicated space and time for you to connect with your baby. You will learn to become highly attuned to your baby’s cues, allowing you to communicate effectively. Co-regulation is a key concept of Aqualight baby swimming, therefore time will be spent ensuring that you feel safe, confident and relaxed in the water with your baby. Receive advice on hand from highly trained baby swimming teachers and practitioners specialising in child development and attachment. Regular workshops around Northamptonshire. Contact Aqualight for more information.

Each family is entitled to a FREE WORKSHOP for families with children aged 0-2yrs providing you have been referred by your midwife, health visitor or doctor


The first two years of your baby’s life are the most significant in term of laying the foundations for healthy brain development. There are many benefits to taking your baby swimming.

Emotional and Psychological

  • Skin to skin contact creates co-regulation
  • Builds healthy attachments (bonding)
  • Builds cognitive functions
  • Promotes self-awareness Social
  • Socialisation with peers
  • Learning boundaries, limitations and social norms
  • Opportunity for self-challenge creating selfworth and esteem


  • Strengthen muscles and soft tissues
  • Create flexibility
  • Strengthening their heart and lungs
  •  Aids hand eye co-ordination
  • Develops balance
  • Encourages muscular control
  • Stimulates all senses
  • Promotes quality sleeping and eating patterns

Who is the Workshop for?

Would you like to understand your baby’s cues (communication) before their speech develops? Gain an understanding of your baby’s emotional state? Establish a deep connection laying the foundations for healthy attachments and emotional security as they develop.

You will learn how to swim and…